Evan Urbania

Evan Urbania, CEO & Co-Founder

Producer, Risk-Taker, Translator

“I'm passionate about the convergence of business, technology and social media. My past experiences trained me to be able to serve as a translator between executive, technical and creative people. I'm comfortable leading our clients into new uncharted territory, provided it shows value and business impact.  When I'm really excited, I sing at my desk, much to the chagrin of my nearby co-workers!”

Beginning his entrepreneurial experience in his teens, Evan built a recording studio in his parents' basement and produced over 40 albums for local musicians. And you thought YOUR kids played their music too loud. Evan has served a variety of corporations as a business development specialist, technology consultant and client relationship manager. Prior to ChatterBlast, Evan was the Chief Operating Officer of The Schubert Group where he worked as a strategy consultant to financial and tech service companies. In early 2002, he co-founded The Memoria Project, a non-profit effort to erect a community-created sculpture memorial in honor of the lives lost on 9/11/01 and to provide art enrichment and education programs surrounding the creation of the memorial.

Evan is a founding Board member and past President of the Philadelphia’s Independence Business Alliance. A Drexel Dragon, Evan holds a degree in business, marketing and photography. His hobbies include watching bad 80’s horror films and climbing 60-foot high indoor walls. He is actively seeking a way to combine the two in a healthy manner.

Matthew Ray

Matthew Ray, Creative Director & Co-Founder

Monitor, Messenger, Raccoon Catcher

“My job satisfaction skyrockets whenever I help a client develop an entertaining campaign that succeeds in driving business goals. Professionally, I can be intense and goofy. I’m deadline driven, and I enjoy challenging projects. Content is important to me, I want to dazzle, delight and debate – get people talking and interacting. Social interactions are about listening first, then speaking – always. I never drink coffee, but I can eat my weight in ice cream.”

Even as a tyke, Matt dreamed of either a career in politics or journalism, wanting to be CJ Craig or Clark Kent. He became firmly entrenched in the world of communications after an enlightening internship with Delaware State Treasurer Jack Markell. The West Wing (or at least Dover) would have to wait, as Matt decided to use his creativity, intelligence, and humor to build a career in mass media. Over the next decade, Matthew learned the insides-outs of the communication business by writing, editing, blogging, press releasing, entertaining and informing at organizations such as Reed Elsevier, HX Media, TLA Entertainment Group, The Philadelphia Film Festival and Boston’s Fenway Center. This wide-range of experience and successes gives Matt an unusual vision that he brings to every unique client project.

Matthew is a proud alumnus of Temple University where he studied political science and journalism. In 2012, he was named to the Platinum Club of the Bike MS: City To Shore Ride for his role in fundraising. A native of Lancaster, he now lives in South Philly with several thousands comic books and three healthy houseplants.

Core Team

Laris Kreslins

Laris Kreslins is a Senior Collaborator and brings over ten years of diverse experience in marketing and online strategy.  With a background in content creation, strategy and publishing, Laris served national clients by collaborating with leading firms such as Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve on projects like their award winning Tylenol Ouch Campaign.

Other notable clients include: Urban Outfitters, Toyota, popchips, Discovery Channel, Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, and the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage. He is also active in many Philadelphia community organizations including The Philadelphia Society of Free Letts (The Latvian Society), The George Lippard Society, and the 215 Festival. When Laris isn't innovating, he is driving strangers around Philadelphia through his personalized touring service

Lou Perseghin

Lou Perseghin

Organizer, Pitbull Wrangler, Habitual line-stepper

"I love helping clients put the small pieces together, especially projects where I can challenge preconceived notions of 'what works'. Social media is about energy and activity - and I think both are important to fulfilling projects. That moment when comfort meets understanding for our clients, that’s what is most important to me. I walk faster than anyone I know."

Lou believes in the power of the internet to bring people together on both large-scale and very intimate levels. He has been active in social communities since the old timey days of AOL chat rooms, LiveJournal and Friendster and continues to be an early adopter of many platforms that barely get off the ground (and many that go on to become industry leaders.) Prior to joining the ‘Blasters, Lou led the social media efforts for the Office of Admission at the University of the Arts. He worked on a variety of outreach campaigns across multiple social platforms, as well as spearheading, designing and executing an extensive email recruiting drive. Lou has a background in the non-stop work of the non-profit world, serving as an executive for the Boy Scouts in both Providence, RI and Philadelphia PA. He was responsible for recruiting, fundraising and volunteer management in a geographic area as well as overall social media, marketing, and graphic design efforts.

Lou earned his BA in Communication from La Salle University, focusing his studies on journalism. Lou and his wife Gwen live in South Philly with their two cats Millie and Walter and their pit bull Daisy – who often times accompanies Lou to the CBM offices and serves as a friendly but rather unpredictable assistant.

Erica Palan

Erica Palan

Content Creator, Conversation Starter, Crazy Cat Lady

"I believe that content is really important to brands, because we live in a world of overloaded information sharing. If my clients aren’t the foremost authority on themselves, I’m doing something wrong. My goal with all of my accounts is to help clients create not only meaningful content for their brand, but to also facilitate an open and ongoing conversation about it."

Like many writers, Erica got into the business because she liked putting words on paper and had a lot to say. After eight years as a professional journalist and editor, Erica made the jump to a social media agency, because she saw the potential to reach people through an entirely new and challenging medium. (She looks forward to the day when we communicate entirely through Emojis.)

Erica has served as the Arts and Entertainment Editor of Philadelphia Weekly, the digital managing editor of Philadelphia magazine and currently creates and manages content for a variety of ChatterBlast clients, including the PPA and AARP. In addition to her work with ChatterBlast, Erica is an adjunct professor at her alma mater, Temple University, and still does the occasional piece of freelance writing. Erica lives in Fishtown with her boyfriend and their two rescue cats, Oink and Rosalita. Her hobbies include reading (quickly), running (slowly) and listening to Bruce Springsteen (loudly).

Kurt Gies

Kurt Gies

Dog Dad, Perfectionist, Fitted Hat Enthusiast

"Social media strategy is a lot like a hat. For each client and each account it should fit perfectly on top of the marketing efforts already in place. Too small and it doesn’t cover everything you want it to. Too big and you’re lost in the copious amounts of data that is the Internet. Luckily for our clients, I wear a lot of hats."

To the untrained eye, Kurt's a pretty simple guy who wears hats, doesn't cut his hair, owns a pit bull and lives with his lady, Amanda, in Manayunk. But take a closer look and you’ll see that Kurt is actually a real-life ninja ... a social media ninja, that is. Digitally tiptoeing through uncharted search result pages to find unique accounts and enticing content, Kurt simultaneously works four Internet browsers, his iPhone, an iPad and a samurai sword to deliver the ever-essential WOW factor. Kurt keeps client needs first, gathering "social intelligence" to help each client stay ahead of the game with the latest commentary and buzz around their brand.

Kurt hails from Holland in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and graduated from La Salle University, where he studied marketing and psychology. He comes to ChatterBlast from LevLane Advertising Agency with in-depth social media knowledge and experience. When Kurt's not chattering and/or blasting, you can find him at Broad and Pattison, living the woeful life of a Philadelphia sports fan—with the appropriate hat, of course.

Craig Beyerle

Craig Beyerle

Challenge Seeker, Wannabe Weatherman, Real Houseviews Superfan

"It's no secret we live in a 'round the clock universe...something is always happening. What I love most about social media is that it keeps us constantly aware of what's going on anywhere and at any time. In an age where perception is everything, social media couldn't be more important. For our clients, I love understanding their brand, how they think and how we can further develop their awareness and reputation.quot;

Like many other Millennials, Craig was born into social media. Originally planning to be a high school history teacher, he took a dramatic left turn at the fork in the road upon graduation from Montclair State University, gaining experience in event planning, public relations and marketing, including an internship at ChatterBlast. Now he brings to the plate his creative thinking, savvy research skills and a wry sense of humor. In the ever changing and evolving world of social media, Craig does his best to stay up-to-date on whatever the next big thing is – moving his clients above and beyond.

Born and raised in Southern New Jersey, Craig came to ChatterBlast after a two-year stint at the National Constitution Center. In between tracking extreme weather on his various apps and catching up on the latest Housewives gossip, Craig also serves as a volunteer on the TOY Committee Board, an annual fundraiser for DVLF. Craig also loves (select) foods. He's on a never-ending search to find Philly's perfect Caesar salad or turkey burger. Tweet him for recommendations!

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